Problems Sending and Receiving Emails

Please be aware that if your JaziNET disk space usage on our servers is in excess of your allowed 150MB disk quota you will not be able to send or receive emails.

Common causes for this are unpurged items in your Webmail trash, excess stored email in your other Webmail folders, or too many files in your allocated web page space. All these items contribute to your total disk usage on our servers.

You may check your current disk usage when logging into the webmail area or by simply giving us a call to find out for you.

Please reduce your disk space usage to below your allowed limit as soon as possible in order to avoid potential data loss and the rejection of new email.

Try some of these troubleshooting methods:

  1. Check your connection.
  2. Have the sender check the Outbox. The message could still be stuck in the sender’s Outbox. Common causes are that the message is too large to be sent, an outgoing virus scanner is in the way or that there is something wrong with his/her outgoing mail server.
  3. Request the sender to try to send a Plain Text message with just a few words to somebody else or to another address of yours and if that works, have the sender send that same message to you. If it doesn’t arrive for you but it does for the other address, then the message could have bounced (or something more complex is going on at mail server level).
  4. Please ensure that you are using your FULL email address as your username, and not your username.
  5. Please ensure you are using the correct password. Your email password is the password you set when you initially created the email account.
  6. Check your email account's quota is under 150MB.
  7. Make sure that a large email is not being sent. Large email attachments can cause your mailbox to lock, but it will unlock itself within 20 minutes. If the problem keeps happening, try deleting any emails over 3MB.
  8. If you have SpamAssassin enabled on your account, the emails that you are missing may have been identified as spam by SpamAssassin and either deleted or moved to a spam folder. If you see a spam folder, please check your spam folder. If you are receiving some but not all of your email, this is most likely the culprit.
  9. If you are receiving an error, it is best to review your email account's basic configuration in your email client.
  10. Have the sender check for bounce messages.Bounce messages are return messages to the original sender receives when a message could not have been delivered. They are also known as NDR messages; Non Delivery Receipts. Usually these messages contain some additional information why the message wasn’t delivered. Common causes are;
  • Mailbox full: The recipient should clean his/her (web based) mailbox!
  • Wrong e-mail address was used: The sender might want to delete this address from your address cache.
  • The sender needs to enable authentication for the SMTP server.
  • Sending mail server is on a black list or otherwise rejected to send to this server: The sender should contact his/her ISP or mail administrator.
  • Message is delayed: This means that currently no route was found between the 2 mail servers. This could indicate a network issue, a DNS/MX configuration issue or that the sender has made a spelling mistake in the domain name part of the email address (after the @ part of the address).
    This NDR message could have arrived in the Junk E-mail folder or even in the Deleted Items folder of the sender as some people have created a rule for this (usually this rule has been created when they received a lot of bounce messages when a spam run sent a lot of emails out with their email address as the sender).

Should you have any queries in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.