Technology Tuesday

Fun fact: Windows 95 introduced the web browser, Internet Explorer. It rapidly grew to become the most popular browser available, and after a decade it was preferred by 95% of web users. It first launched in August 1995 and now the latest (and final) version is Internet Explorer 11; released October 2013.

Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer but continues to maintain it. Microsoft Edge replaced IE as the Windows default browser beginning with Windows 10, but IE still ships on all Windows systems and is still a popular browser.

Internet Explorer received publicity for several network security holes that were discovered in the past, but newer releases of the browser strengthened the browser's security features to fight phishing and malware.

Some consider Internet Explorer to have changed the way consumers interact with the Internet.

Microsoft's new web browser is called Edge. It leaves behind the legacy and problems of Internet Explorer and is Microsoft's new web browser for the modern age, opening a new chapter for web browsing.

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